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  • Bucky

    It wasn’t a hard task picking December’s featured pup, Bucky! Bucky joins us for daycare a handful of days each week and brings joy to all the crew members and his K9 pals. From the time he gets here to the time he leaves, his bubbly personality brightens up the room. If he isn’t wrestling […]

  • Zoe

    Princess Zoe is as excited as we are to be our featured pup this month!  Zoe loves her barKa family so much that she comes to hang out everyday.  In fact, things don’t seem quite right when she’s not there.  She may be small, but she is mighty!  Zoe loves to get in on the […]

  • Bennett

    It was not a hard task to pick September’s featured pup, Bennett has won the hearts of everyone at barKadelphia! Bennett has really blossomed into the brave, confident, outgoing pup he is today. It took some time before we really saw Bennett’s personality, but now he greets everyone with hugs and kisses. He makes all […]

  • Revy

    Revy spends the week days with us and sometimes the weekend too… We just can’t get enough of her! Revy, who recently celebrated her 1st birthday, acts as our den mother and loves to keep all the small dogs under her wing. If Revy’s not flopping around with her best pals (she has yet to […]

  • Enzo

    It was not a hard task to pick everyone’s favorite cuddle pal; we are more than thrilled to have Enzo as our featured pup of June. When Enzo is not playing with his best friend Hunter, he’s romping around (and cuddling of course) with his other barKa buds. Enzo also loves playing with the humans […]

  • Pippa

    We are beyond excited to announce that our Featured Pup of May is Pippa! Pippa has been coming to barKa since she was a young pup. She loves playing with her favorite girl friends and flashing her smile at all the boys. Pippa will play and play until she just can’t anymore and at that […]

  • Leo

    Its no secret that Leo has mastered the art of cuddling. If Leo isn’t prancing around or playing fetch with his best pals, he’s snuggling in close to any (and all) sleepy pup(s). You can find Leo’s crazy antics and adorable photos on his very own Instagram; @littleleokirsch. Leo always makes us want to curl […]

  • Frankie

    Frankie is our weekend warrior! She loves playing at barKadelphia so much that she always makes time to pop in and brighten up our weekend! We look forward to Frankie leading the pack on Saturdays in addition to her usual week days. You’ll always find Frankie on the other end of an intense game of […]

  • Buddy B

    Buddy is one sweet guy! He loves all of his human friends as much as he loves his puppy companions. Buddy loves to show his affection by running around romping with the small pups or jumping as high as your nose to give you a kiss. When Buddy isn’t pallin’ around with the pups at […]

  • Miss Nelly

    Miss Nelly has been coming to us since she was six months old and just recently celebrated her 2nd birthday!