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Monthly Featured Pups

  • Bucky

    It wasn’t a hard task picking December’s featured pup, Bucky! Bucky joins us for daycare a handful of days each […]

  • Zoe

    Princess Zoe is as excited as we are to be our featured pup this month!  Zoe loves her barKa family […]

  • Bennett

    It was not a hard task to pick September’s featured pup, Bennett has won the hearts of everyone at barKadelphia! […]

  • Revy

    Revy spends the week days with us and sometimes the weekend too… We just can’t get enough of her! Revy, […]

  • Enzo

    It was not a hard task to pick everyone’s favorite cuddle pal; we are more than thrilled to have Enzo […]

  • Pippa

    We are beyond excited to announce that our Featured Pup of May is Pippa! Pippa has been coming to barKa […]

  • Leo

    Its no secret that Leo has mastered the art of cuddling. If Leo isn’t prancing around or playing fetch with […]

  • Frankie

    Frankie is our weekend warrior! She loves playing at barKadelphia so much that she always makes time to pop in […]

  • Buddy B

    Buddy is one sweet guy! He loves all of his human friends as much as he loves his puppy companions. […]

  • Miss Nelly

    Miss Nelly has been coming to us since she was six months old and just recently celebrated her 2nd birthday!

  • Thor

    Thor is super thrilled to find out he is November’s featured pup! He thinks he may be an employee here; we don’t have the heart to tell him.

  • Coco

    Coco is one of the sweetest Vizsla you’ll ever meet. Her happy-go-lucky attitude is infectious and positively impacts everyone.

  • Benji

    Benji has been apart of the barKadelphia family since puppy-hood and we are honored that we were recently able to help Benji celebrate his 1st birthday!

  • Chase

    Chase just turned one and has been making us smile since his first day at barKadelphia. Although small in size, he has a big personality!

  • Penny

    Penny is a lovable Black Lab who joins us most days of the week, even if it’s just for a few hours.

  • Buddy

    Buddy entertains us just as much as we entertain him. Buddy’s favorite game is locating HIS ball.

  • Penny Lane

    Meet Penny Lane! Penny is a 1 ½ year old Goldendoodle, who prior to coming to barKadelphia, didn’t spend too much time around other dogs.

  • Miso

    This month we are featuring Miso, better known as “The Queen”. Miso has been hangin’ at barKadelphia from the beginning.

  • Pete and Lexi

    Pete started coming to barKadelphia back in December when he was still a pup. A few months later we were graced with the presence of Miss Lexi, the little, big sister.

  • Breslin

    Breslin holds a special place in our hearts, as we are proud to announce that she was barKadelphia’s first client!

  • Chew

    Chew is one fun and friendly pup. Chew should have been named “Thief” because of a very peculiar personality trait.