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Zoe_origPrincess Zoe is as excited as we are to be our featured pup this month!  Zoe loves her barKa family so much that she comes to hang out everyday.  In fact, things don’t seem quite right when she’s not there.  She may be small, but she is mighty!  Zoe loves to get in on the cuddle pile but can also throw it down with pups of all sizes.  

She is also the master of a little game we like to call “catch me if you can”.  If she’s not perched on her windowsill, she’s chasing around the barKa crew or her pup friends.  Zoe is always good for kisses and her peppy attitude is always sure to put a smile on our faces.  She even has the worlds cutest bark!  We are ecstatic to announce Zoe as our featured pup.