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No Cages

Trained in First Aid and CPR certified through the American Red CrossAt barKadelphia we believe in treating and caring for your pets like they’re our own. That means your dog will enjoy a cage free, fun filled day of social interaction and play with other members of our pack.

Our daycare is set up to safely accommodate dogs of all size. Our facility includes two dog runs, The Pawlor Room and The Wreck Room and is strategically designed to separate smaller or timid dogs from larger or more energetic dogs. The dogs will have constant supervision to encourage positive behaviors. Additionally, throughout the day, your pup will be asked to perform basic commands like “sit” and “stay” to assist and strengthen discipline and training.

We want to be clear in reporting that we do have oversized crates on premises that will only be used in the event that a dog becomes overly aggressive and unsafe for the staff or for the other dogs under barKadelphia’s care.

In the event that your dog needs to be placed into time-out, you will be immediately notified, as it’s our number one goal to keep everyone happy and healthy. Again, the oversized crates are in place for protection but will never be misused, after all, your dog is an important member of our pack and our family.